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I am seriously trying to learn to sleep in, at least until 7:00. Marilyn is helping me. Maybe I should say that she is encouraging me!

Ever since I retired, she has been complaining about my habit of getting up anywhere from 4:00 to 5:00 in the mornings.

Old habits die hard for me, but I am trying.

Because of the awesome weather today we dressed in comfy clothing, shorts and a T-shirt for me, while Marilyn liked her Capri pants and a T top. I don’t know why I included that bit of trivia in my blog, but there it is. Full disclosure! LOL

This morning, after coffee, we went for a walk and ended up with a tad over 2 ½ miles before we arrived back at the RV.

Then we were off to Walmart to return a purchase from last week and to pick up a few items we needed.

Back at the RV once more, we ate a bite of lunch before Marilyn started the laundry.

I pitched in by relaxing in the recliner beside the open window, a nice soft breeze wafting in and the bright sunshine lulling me into a nap.

It is not an exciting day full of adventure, but a more common awesome weather day enjoyed by RV folks across the country.

Pam dropped by today, as did Betty, and we visited for awhile.

It was simply a wonderful, relaxing day and we enjoyed every bit of it.

As I sit writing this blog entry, Marilyn is fixing Tilapia and some Lima Beans for dinner. We have the windows all open and can hear the laughter from small groups nearby, of people sharing Happy Hour. What a delightful way to live!

As I reiterate so often, Life is Good!

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