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Ginger & Jesse sent these beautiful flowers to Marilyn


At Dave & Karen's Home

Dave and Ed

Waterfall Fountain

Karen & Dave

Two long time Friends talking things over

We lingered over coffee this morning, waiting for the outdoor temperature to warm enough to be out there wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

After a bite of breakfast we straightened things a bit, made the bed, opened windows, and went out to wash the car.

Marilyn cleaned the inside while I did the outside of the car and we were soon finished. The car looks great!

Due to the credit card fraud, which seems to be rampant in this area, I went on-line to check our cards, balance, etc, and found all ok.

Many of our friends have had a problem though so we remain cautious and will continue to check things on a daily basis.

Marilyn sat with her cross-stitch project while I cleaned things up outdoors, then put the cleaning materials away.

Our new neighbors had to move today but they were given another site here in the resort and, as they pulled out, another RV pulled in.

The new neighbor is from Washington state. We’ll meet them after they are all set up.

It was approaching lunch time by now so Marilyn fixed us a bite to eat.

By the way, I guess I should mention that I am trying that gluten free diet and have lost five pounds. That is good because I was about to hit that 200 pound mark and that scared me. I have never weighed that much and do not intend to do so.

Now back to the activity for today.

One of my best friends from our High School days lives about an hours drive away, on the other side of Phoenix. Dave and his wife, Karen, invited us over for dinner today, and that was the event we have looked forward to all week.

Dave called to warn us about the Phoenix Open Golf Tourney which would have about 170,000 people heading home, right at the same time we were driving to our friends’ home.

Dave suggested some routing where the traffic would be lighter and that was the route we took.

Dave & Karen have a beautiful home and we enjoyed seeing these fine friends again.

We sat on their covered patio, with the relaxing sound of a fountain keeping us company.

The conversation flowed easily and never stopped, except for the pause as we ate the delicious dinner Karen had prepared.

The meal tasted doubly good to me because it was not gluten free.

So, for the one night, I went off my self-imposed diet and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our friends.

We have some pictures to share with you but you will have to check back tomorrow to see them.

It is late now and I am heading off to bed, to read for awhile before getting a good night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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