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With errands to run today, Marilyn & I finished off the coffee before getting busy.

I called a Motel in Yuma and made a reservation for our trip later this month.

I also researched the options for a place to stay when we visit Zion and Bryce National Parks next month.

With the RV straightened for the day, we drove to Walmart to pick up some supplies for Marilyn’s cross-stitch project and new bedding we thought looked nice. However, once we returned home and tried the new comforter on the bed, we didn’t like it, so it is now ready to be returned on our next trip to Walmart.

We made another stop on the way home and that was at Ace Hardware to pick up a couple of soft rubber plugs for the hitch receivers on the front of the car. Hopefully these will help to keep them from getting water inside and prevent rust.

Back at the resort, Marilyn & I drove to the mail room to send a Valentine gift off to our grandkids, but found that we needed to drive to the local post office for this.

We ran into Henry & Pam and also Lee at the mail room, and visited with them for a few minutes, making some plans for an outing next week.

Still needing to get those gifts in the mail, off we went to locate the local Post Office, and soon had these gifts on their way to Colby and Lauren. The cost to mail these small gifts was a mere pittance of $12.00 in postage. Good Grief!

Still grumbling about the cost for postage, we decided to take a drive through some very scenic desert with the close up view of the mountains. Awesome!

That made us feel better. Driving around with the windows down, enjoying the warm breeze and beautiful scenery.

One thing we’ll miss for sure as we travel east and spend next winter in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, is the wonderful desert and mountains of Arizona.

We spent much of the afternoon relaxing with the windows open, allowing the nice warm breeze to keep us comfortable.

Lee & betty across the street were having some of their friends over for cocktails and we helped carry chairs over to their place.

They were kind enough to invite us over to meet their other friends so we walked over around 4:00.

We met Jim & Rita, Elling & Nancy, and Leo & Lola, who were all nice folks. They told us where they were from but I can’t remember except that one couple was actually from South Dakota, one from Minnesota, and the other from Seattle, Washington.

Marilyn & I are now inside with the windows closed, relaxing and looking forward to a good night of rest.

Tomorrow will bring another adventure.

Life is Good!

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