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I woke up with it raining. According to the morning news it was going to rain all day. Dick was still asleep at 11:30 and I finally went in to see if he was breathing. He was but when he got up he still felt bad. Made some lunch for him and he sent me out the door.

I left to visit the USS MIdway which is a retired Navy ship docked here. My thought was with the rain it wouldn't be busy. The rain was not a tourist deterrent . The fee to board is $20. You get a headset for the walking tour and are turned loose on the ship. I listened at all 66 stations. After working with so many retired Navy vets it was like a small peek into part of their past.

In 1945 the Midway was the largest ship in the world. I won' go on about the size and statistics but the best part was the volunteers who have served on ships. Some of them had even been deployed on the Midway. They told stories and answered questions that were funny, sad, and interesting.

Walking through a ship is not for the weak of heart. It was over 2.5 miles. There were lots of narrow stairs up and down. Handrails of chain. Once you started there was no turning back when you were below deck. If you ever get a chance go on one it was fascinating.

.........on the train ride home. A young man and woman were sitting across from me. They were flirting and she pulled off his watch cap. It caught on his ear ring and he was upset because they were new. Yes the ear rings. She had nails that looked like talons on an Eagle. Needless to say she could not get the hat untangled from the ear. I asked if they needed assistance and detached the hat. They got off the train and a young mom with three children sat by and across from me. I played guess what's in my hand, a penny, a wrapped life saver, while mom fed the baby. Then the little one maybe three said guess what's in my hand. It was a pencil. I made a few guesses and then she announced proudly opening her hand, No it's a pencil. Too cute!

Pizza was delivered successfully last night Tuna is back on the menu!

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