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With Raglan being known as 'laid-back', I wasn't sure how I was going to keep Clint busy on day 2 of this place! But we woke up early to get in a nice kayak ride to see the pancake rocks. The hostel guy told us, 'oh yah, great morning for a kayak out on the ocean'. Turned out not so much. The pancake flats were pretty neat to see and you could kayak in and out of little crevices around them. But the winds were so strong that morning and the tide was working against us, Clint and i got completely soaked with water splashing in. Good thing we were in a double or I never would've made it anywhere! Clint quit paddling at one point and just watched me to see where we'd get to; and well we didn't lose ground, but we weren't making any either! That was about our excitement for this day. Clint actually did better than I thought with the rest of our lazy day. I kind of felt like my brothers.. Sitting in a cafe/bar all day drinking! (Drinking way less booze and more water of course). Went back to the hostel and fired up the BBQ, did a coastal walk, then to bed.

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