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I sweep whatever those round seeds are the palm trees drop from our patio almost everyday. There is a low area that has water sitting in it almost every day, the mystery,where does come from? This morning I had an Ah-Ha moment. Automatic sprinklers during the night. Another item to threw out of my over crowded thought process.

Another mystery, does California have a bottle and can recycling law? There's not a deposit like MI or OR it says CA CRV under the 5 cent deposit state list. We have asked and nobody seems to be able to tell us what to do with them. So we haul them to BINGO and put them in the church's recycling barrels.

Yesterday I went to the pool for the first time. My current bathing suit looks like a sun dress that was hemmed too short. As I get older my body parts seem to shift and getting them into a suitable garment without looking like senior citizen porn is a challenge. The sun was in its full glory. Somehow I missed my eye brow area with the Oil of Olay SPF 15 that morning and a had two burned crescent shaped areas above my eyes. Making them look covered with bright pink eye shadow Lady Gaga style.

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