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Monday, January 21, 2013

Our second day on board -- more glaciers today!

This afternoon we rode in our zodiacs to visit the Pia Glacier. After landing we walked up a steep (in my opinion) rocky muddy hill. Even with my trekking poles I found it difficult. But it was worth it! The views were beautiful. And we were so close to the glacier itself! Patricio gave us more info on the natural environment. When we were finished with the walk, we were offered hot chocolate, whiskey or water. They love to serve the whiskey with glacier ice!

Once again, we had all prepared for the possible weather changes, but found ourselves roasting by the time. Made it to the top of our viewing hill. As much as I have mentioned the heat, please understand that we realize how blessed we are with this fantastic weather.

At 6:15, we gathered in the Darwin Lounge again for our pre-dinner entertainment- cruising Glacier Alley. Patricio had given his "Beavers group" a tip to sit on the port side of the lounge for the best viewing. There is a long channel of glaciers that have been given names, most of them for countries -- Germany, Italy, France, Holland for example. Unknown to us prior to the cruise through Glacier Alley, was the fact that each glacier viewing was accompanied by the serving of a national beverage & appetizer. For example, beer & sausages, red wine and bruschetta, champagne and cheeses, more beer. Of course, a couple of us had already had a beer or pisco sour or two.

By the time we went to dinner, Margarita really didn't feel like eating anything and excused herself after the soup course, (hadn't even touched the appetizer plate or soup!) Conejita didn't eat anything, but m a aged to stay for the meal. Unfortunately, during the night,Margarita suffered some ill effects of too many beverages. Pancho and Margarita both had a sleepless night.

Tomorrow is Cape Horn landing - a highlight of the cruise and dependent on weather conditions. They are able to land about 70% of the time.

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