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On the road again! Checked out early and headed off to Raglan on the east coast. Another beautiful 2 hour drive. Raglan is known for being a surfers paradise around here. We checked in to Raglan Backpackers here, unloaded our stuff and headed out for some sight seeing. Our host at the hostel told us to go check out bridal falls, so that's where we headed. This water fall was beautiful, a small creek that runs off the edge and drops 55 meters. It was very picturesque. We were able to see from the top of the falls then walk down 261 stairs to the bottom and see them from there as well. The creek the water followed and the pool at the base of the falls was all created by volcano. Once we hiked back to the car, we took the long way back to Raglan so we could see some more sights. The road we took back followed the ocean cliffs and climbed up the mountain sides on a little gravel road, just just wide enough for 2 cars. It was an amazing sightseeing road. You could see a long way up the coasts and out into the ocean. We stopped at another tourist place called the gorge. Which really wasn't what expected when they told us it was a gorge, but was still quite nice. Just looked like another big cliff to us. Kara didn't even realize it was this " gorge" we supposed to see until the hitch hiker we picked up told us. Oh ya, we picked up a hitch hiker from here as well. Probably the last time Kara let's me make that decision, as he had quite the B.O. He was a hiking backpacker travelling around N.Z. On foot. Once we dropped him off, we decided to go see some local talent at the surf beach, and there was lots of that. The guys and gals out on he water were quite impressive. Manu Bay was the name of this surf area and it famous for its left hand breaking waves. The surfers here are able to ride the waves for around 100-200 meters, depending on the wave. Not sure if that is good in the surfing world, but seemed like it to us. Once we finished watching surfers, we headed back to the hostel, and walked around the coast a bit. We watched the local kids jump off the bridge that crosses the river running through town for a bit, the off to bed.

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