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As noted, the Turkish people like to be helpful and so it was that our inn-keepers informed us that we could take a bus directly to Van without having to backtrack through Batman (the town name is much cooler than the town itself). Perfect plan we thought until the bus which we were "reserved" on showed up the next morning, filled to the brim with passengers already. Wel, no buses are ever sold out, its merely a question of how comfortable your ride that day is going to be. Thinking we'd surely be depoisting some people shortly, and without any alternative at this point, we climbed aboard. James rode the first shift somewhere up front, while I accompanied our two backpacks in the rear stairwell. I didn't really have anywhere to move my feet, but every now and again I could manage to shift my weight, which helped. As did the thought that there's no way we'll be doing this for the full eight hour ride, right? Wrong! After a bit, we did stop and James and I shifted positions, though I quickly concluded that standing in the back was preferrable to sitting on a foot high stool, wedged between the two men on either side of me, another man's knees in my back and a kid asleep against my legs. Yeah, no, this was an entirely different shade of uncomfortable. But everyone was so nice that it really was hard to complain. It just is what it is.

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