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Laguna Nimez Bird Reserve, El Calafate, Argentina

Calafate Berries

Upland Goose




This is the third time I have typed this update! Maybe this will work this time! We are staying at the Hotel Kosten Aike- a somewhat Swiss decor hotel, but very much influenced by the Teheulche Indian culture & heritage. Two things really surprised us. One is the heat! We came with all cold weather clothes and the temperature has been muy caliente! (Hot!). Secondly, it doesn't get dark until 11:00!

On our first day here, we had a private driver take us to view the Perito Moreno Glacier. Mario was great, & we really enjoyed our day. He drove us to Los Glaciaros National Park where they have numerous walkways for viewing the glacier. fabulous! We met back up with h I'm at a scheduled time and he drove us to the boarding point for a 1-hour navigation of the glacier, up close and personal! In my previous attempts to make this post, I also tried to post several pictures. A few did manage to upload (in the Iguazu post!). I will try to post a few more here. We'll see what happens! Otherwise, I will edit this whe I get home.

On the return from Perito Moreno, Mario dropped us off at Laguna Nimez Bird Reserve.

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