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Adam, Zodiac Driver and Guide Brings the Zodiac to the Ship to...

Our View of the Snares Islands from the Ship

Another Zodiac is Loading

Our First Look at the Endemic Snares Crested Penguins - in the...

Sea Cave

Adam's Zodiac Comes Out of the Sea Cave

Rodney in the Sea Cave

Snares Crested Penguin Colony

Closer to the Colony

Larger Colony

We took our first Zodiac trip at the North East Island of the Snares Islands, the first of the Subantarctic Islands we visit. Since landing on Snares Island is prohibited, we rode around the island. We cruised into protected coves and caves. What a beautiful place! The trees were flowering on the island and the birds were everywhere. We saw the Snares Crested and Yellow-eyed Penguins, the Snares Island Fernbird and the Snares Island Tomtit. All of the other seabirds we saw today, we had seen on our first New Zealand birding trip.

[A Zodiac is a open rubber boat with inflated sides. The passengers sit on the sides. The Zodiac has capacity of 8 with the driver. To enter the Zodiac, you walk down an angled ladder with a platform at the end. Then you wait for the Zodiac and the platform to be at the same level then you walk on. In rough seas, you must wait for the crewman to tell you to jump on from the stairs.]

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