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Today, Monday Feb 4th, we arrived in Recife. This is one of Gerry’s old haunts from his S. American visit in 1959. Luckily it looks a lot different today. It is a big modern city of 1.8 million people, with an old city centre. We took an excursion from the ship because we wanted to go to the nearby city of Olinda and thought that was the best way to go. A highlight was the old prison that has been turned into a tourist market with the cells being individual shops and decorated ready for carnival. One disappointment in the old part was that there are boarded fences around all the buildings because of what goes on during the Carnival in this area. This made picture taking a bit of a challenge. We could however, still appreciate the lovely colonial style buildings. They try to protect everything even free standing statues. It was a very hot day without much shade at times but we made it through the 5 hours and staggered back onto the ship for a nice cold one.

Tonight after dinner we had a special performance by a lady called Sally Jones. She sang Edith Piaf songs which we both like. After that we were on the top deck for a spot of star gazing with one of our lecturers Frank Buzzard. He’s been doing lots of talks on the space program and stars etc. It was a lovely clear night so we were able to see the Milky Way clearly for the second time (last time in New Zealand). He identified the Southern Cross and various other constellations, stars and planets.

A lovely end to a good day.

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