Bus into Secure Area to Chunnel

Buses Loading Onto Chunnel Train

Down the Ramp

The Guts of the Chunnel Train!

Mari & Big Ben

St. Somethings Cathedral - No We Did Not Pay to Go In

Changing Guards or Something

Lots of Security!?

Changing More Guards Via Horseback

This is What They Were Guarding

Natalie & Andrew's Home Where We Stayed

Tim Relaxing in Their Living Room

Arrived from Amsterdam via Euroline Bus thru Chunnel at 6 pm and in just a few minutes located the train to Herne Hill and our friends home, Natalie and Andrew, whom we met while on Olkon Island in Lake Baikal, Siberia, seems like years ago and are presently in Scotland getting married! Mari was here and after updates we settled in with cat Pat. In am of the 26th we got to see the red fox Mari spoke of in their backyard, quite a fine little fellow! Later in the day we went downtown to see the sites and visit British Natl. Museum(free!). Lots of police and sirens and security which seems quite out of the ordinary here since last time(30 yrs+) here the Bobbys didn't even carry guns(now some even have automatic rifles, ha! Times are definately different...Mari leaves tomorrow and we on Sat. arriving in SLC around 10 pm. The trip is ending...

Bombings or attempted bombings in London were the cause of some disruptions in their Tube schedules and also some problems with bus transport but on the whole all went well and the London system of mass transit moves people very efficiently! We left at about 7 am from Natalie and Andrew's via foot to the Tube which transported us to the bus which transported us to the airport where we arrived in about an hour - 8 am. The plane was scheduled to depart on time in 2 hours, our only problem was the transfer in Newark, NJ from Kennedy...NYC has the lousiest public transport system we have ever encountered!!!

No currency exchg. easily accessable, all currency is in $20 bills and no mass transit gives change or allows $2o bills in the auto ticket we had to buy crap just to get change and even then didn't have enuf for all the different buses! The final one to Newark we were lucky in that the driver took pity on us when we were .50 short and also a gal from Tacoma gave us a quarter so we could get on! She herself only had just enuf change for the bus ride! Certainly not the "one ticket fits all transport" systems we found in most metropoli in the rest of the world...even in developing countries!

Welcome home travellers...Glad we're safe now from terrorist, ha!

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