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A house right on the beach at Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Turkey walking the beach, Puerto Morelos

Turkey chillaxin' on a hammock at Villas Clarita

The path to town, with the Crocodile warning

turkey ventures out through the Mangroves, ignoring the crocodile warnings

Patti waiting for Turk, with beers in hand, lol

Life in Puerto Morelos is simple, and slow. We wake up to the chirping of the birds outside our window, and sometimes the squawking of the 2 parrots who live here at Villas Claritas. They put on a continental breakfast here, and we saunter down to have coffee and treats. After breakfast we usually walk to town and back, sometimes on different routes, just to keep up the exercise. A swim in the pool, snorkel in the ocean (for Turk), read a book…’s all good. We have met up with Ruth & Denis quite a few times for some refreshments.

Turkey has tried to convince me to walk over to the town on the other side of the highway, 3 Km away. The only thing between Puerto Morelos and the town, is the Mangrove swamps, which has crocodiles actively waiting for their prey. They do have a sidewalk between the two towns, but that is not good enough for me. Turkey has walked this path twice in the past week, and I have hopped on the local “Collectivo” bus for a mere $5 pesos (less than .50 cents) I will spend that money wisely, and keep my legs, thank you very much.

Unfortunately, on the “other” side there is a little bar which sells Micheladas (a mixture of beer, lime juice, lemon pepper, hot sauce and another green sauce????) It is delicious, and all of the locals pull off the highway at this little bar on the side of the road, everyone grabbing a Michelada and then heading on down the highway again. Go figure….it must be good!

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