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After sipping some coffee with Marilyn, I took off with Bob for our morning walk.

We walked a bit over 2 miles but stopped a bit early because Bob & Janet were attending the “Buzz” at the Clubhouse at 8:00.

Later in the morning, with all normal chores finished, we were ready to leave for a day of fun.

The plan was to go out for lunch and then a movie.

We agreed to meet at Chili’s for lunch and then see the movie “Jack Reacher” with Tom Cruise.

Henry & Pam had a furnace problem and were unable to join us, so that left eight of us.

Trent & Teresa, Lee & Betty, Bob & Janet, along with Marilyn & I, were soon settled at a table for eight and enjoying a fine lunch, along with lively conversation and lots of laughter.

My cell phone rang and it was Jennifer letting us know that she had left work and was heading home. It sounded like she is pretty sick with the flu and we could only offer love and sympathy.

Shortly after hanging up from her call, my phone rang again.

This time it was friends from Des Moines who are in the Phoenix area for a short time and we hope to get together with them while they are here.

By the time our meal was finished we were ready to pay our bill and walk over to the theater complex. First we had to pay our bill.

Lee paid their bill first, using his credit card, and all seemed to be well.

The waitress then took my bill, which was for $18.46 which included tax and tip. I wrapped the bill around my credit card so it would not get mixed up with any other bill or card. Trent did the same with his card.

When the waitress returned with the credit card to be signed, the total amount for me to pay was 0.00.

Knowing that we owed the $18.46 I called the waitress back and showed her the incorrect charge. Trent noticed that his charge was also incorrect and she took his paperwork away with mine.

She was gone quite awhile and when she returned, my bill now was shown as $44.00 plus some cents.

Trent’s new bill was also incorrect.

I explained that the bill was still incorrect and she exclaimed “Oh NO, The Manager will kill me”, and took the cards and bills away again.

This time we watched as the waitress and the manager worked for a long time trying to straighten things out.

We had mentioned to the waitress that we were going to the movie and she seemed to be very nervous, then totally stressed out.

After a lengthy time she returned to our table and gave our cards back. She left with tears in her eyes and did not return.

The manager came over to our table and told us that he would simply take all of the charges out of the computer and that our meals were “A Post-Holiday gift”. No charge!

We all felt bad and wished we had simply paid cash.

Trent & I both left money on the table but noticed that the manager picked it up. We doubt that the waitress ended up with any of the cash.

The movie was quite good and we all enjoyed it a lot.

We have about 14 of the “Jack Reacher” books and now, as a result of seeing the movie, we’ll be reading these books for sure.

So that was the way our day went by.

Sure hope all is ok with the waitress!

Well, tomorrow is another day and we are sure that Life is Good!

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