20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Rain on arrival.


All they do is eat.

Red Pandas.

Raindrops keep faling on my head,

du du de do do do do do do do do du...

Here comes the rain again,

falling on my head like a lemon tree...

And any other songs I can think of to pass the time in the incessant rain. For the 3rd time in 3 days I got completely drenched in a downpour a couple of days ago, I hid in a doorway for an hour but it just kept getting heavier instead of stopping so I had to brave it and make a run for it. It made the national news as the heaviest rain in China, 55mm. I wonder why I can't get rid of this cold. I went to see the Giant Pandas yesterday and they look very miserable in the rain.

It made me think back over this trip and since I left the UK on 16th November last year, through 5 continents and 15ish countries (including the driest desert in the world, where it rained), I haven't been p'd on in the following...

Brazil (for 1 day),


Anyone care to sponsor a trip to the Sahara?

After spending 5 days here, Joao arrived (carrying a copy of the latest Harry Potter) at 10pm on Saturday night and we flew off to Lhasa at 8am the following morning.

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