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I arrived back to a crisp and wintery Toulouse yesterday afternoon with aching back and shoulders from hauling over 30Kg of luggage through different buses, trains, airports and streets.

After arriving at my flat I went shopping to pick up some essentials. The queues at the supermarket where so long that people filled the aisles and almost reached the back of the shop. With not much more than butter and a packet of vacuum packed beetroot in my fridge I was forced to join a line. After almost an hour of waiting I reached the lady behind the till who was calming scanning 3 items per minute, with an expression more suited to someone reclining on a sun lounger in Barbados. Yes, I must be back in France.

It was great to be home for a couple of weeks and the holiday passed far too quickly. After 4 months abroad to hear English being spoken everywhere was a pleasure and so was just being able to go out and not always be “the foreigner”.

On my return, it was a strange sensation travelling the same route as the first time I arrived here, sitting in the same departure lounge at Bristol airport as I did in September; this time a little bit more aware of what awaits me (hopefully :)). As I approached the city in the bus from the airport a feeling of excitement filled my stomach, it’s good to be back.

Uni started today with fresh subjects, different teachers as well as an influx of new exchange students.

Toulouse certainly has found a special place in my heart.

Happy New Year!

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