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In the blog yesterday I wrote about some really terrible customer service from Mediacom. It turned out well after the second call to them but it still leaves a bad impression and I will never do business with them again if I have another option.

Today I will write about some very fine customer service.

I have written about our furnace problem in the past few days.

Yesterday the issue was resolved and we are toasty warm at night with the thermostat set on 68 degrees.

Once Bob, Henry and I had narrowed the problem down to the circuit board in the furnace, we drove to “Dillon RV City” at 10310 Apache Trail in Apache Junction, AZ.

The Suburban Furnace is still under warranty but the nice folks at Dillon’s RV City told me that the circuit board had to be tested to verify that it was the issue, and the service department was closed for the weekend (This was on a Saturday), but they would test it on Monday morning and call me with the results.

They took my name and phone number, kept the circuit board, and promised again to call on Monday.

Not only did they call on Monday morning as promised, but they had already contacted Mobile Suites and Suburban companies.

They called me to get complete information needed for the warranty and made arrangements for a new board to be shipped.

They said the new board should be here on Friday or Saturday but it might be as late as Monday.

We discussed the upcoming weather (Cold Front forecast for Thursday night and Friday) and the fact that we were without heat in the RV. Of course with the fireplace and an electric heater, things would be ok if we couldn’t get the furnace working.

These good folks went beyond the normal policy and located a new circuit board locally, had it delivered to them, and called me to let me know that I could drop by and pick it up.

They would simply take the circuit board being sent to me and put it into stock.

At every step these good folks at Dillon’s RV City showed concern for our problem and took whatever steps they needed to take, to make sure that the problem was resolved quickly and easily.

I spent not one penny and everything works fine, again with Thanks to Bob and Henry for their help.

I thanked the good folks at Dillon’s RV City, namely Judy, Lana, Sheila, Shane and the owner, Dick. (I sure hope I have the names correct and didn’t leave anyone out.)

Based on my experience with these good folks, I would highly recommend them and know that if I have another RV issue while here, I would not hesitate to give them my business.

So that is my example of great customer service, in contrast with the Mediacom example.

Yes sir, sometimes you meet folks who make you smile and that makes it easy to say…..Life is Good!

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