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lunch stop

Travelled from Ceduna to Fowlers Bay thinking we might check it out and possibly stay there depending on whether we like the look of the camp. It wasn't real flash so we decided to just have a swim in the bay then keep driving. The kids had a great time swimming while I whipped up a couple of egg and egg burgers with bacon, cheese and tomato! Amazing what you can come up with when there's no fresh bread for sandwiches. So handy being able to quickly cook things up when you are just stopped on the side of the road. We ate lunch under the shade of the jetty then kept truckin. We'd started crossing the Nullabor and thought we'd just see how far we get before we all get sick of being stuck in the car.

Stopped overnight at one of the many roadside camps, this one we were able to get away from the road and sheltered in amongst some small trees. No amenities here, so we needed to pull out the 'pop up pooper' for a toilet. Max thinks its a real novelty and will use it everytime! It's just like a giant potty he reckons!

Soft tacos for tea. Trying to use up any leftover salad/veg before we hit the quarantine zone on the border.

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