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Inside the Cathedral in Sevilla

One of the many Alters in the Cathedral

Another of the Alters

Christopher Columbus Tomb

Part of the Ceiling in the Cathedral

So many beautiful stained glass

Orange trees in the squares

Bubbles so big


Today is in Sevilla and it is a beautiful town. It has that old Spanish feel to it for sure. We are staying in the old part of town with the cobblestone streets and little narrow roads going here and there. The first stop today is the bakery that has chocolate croissants. It will be the first but not last chocolate croissant of the trip but not the last I'm sure since we are going to France still. We the crossed the street and got some Starbucks it is all good. The Cathedral is now open so inside we go. OMG what a site the place was huge stained glass windows. This was so splendid everything was so impressive. The tomb of Christopher Columbus is here that leads you to the age of the place construction began in 1401 and ended a century later. After the Cathedral we wandered around Sevilla looked in shops and ate at a sidewalk cafe in a square full of people. We asked why so many were in the square they told us just drinkin beer. i guess they gather in the squares on Saturday afternoons for some beer and visiting.

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