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Marilyn & I were sitting quietly, sipping our coffee, when there was a knock on the door.

I glanced at my watch and saw that it was only a bit after 7:00 AM.

I wonder who is at the door, at this time of morning?

I opened the door and it was Bob.

He looked at me, standing there in my casual clothing, short sleeved shirt, cup of coffee in my hand, no shoes, hair uncombed, and a blank look on my face.

“Are we walking this morning?” he asked.

“I thought we didn’t walk on weekends” I replied.

“Well this is only Friday” Bob informed me.

I laughed and sheepishly replied, “Oh, it is isn’t it!”

Bob said something about us walking to the Friday morning meeting, called “The Buzz” a little before 8:00.

I finally got ready to go and walked down the street to get Henry.

We then walked back past Bob’s RV, thinking that we would meet Bob returning from his walk, and we could all walk together, to the clubhouse.

We watched for Bob but he was nowhere in sight, as we passed by his RV.

A moment later I heard someone behind us and it was Bob.

He was waiting for us to knock on his door, so we could walk to the clubhouse for coffee.

Talk about being confused!

It didn’t stop there!

We grabbed some coffee and sat at a table where there was only two other folks sitting.

Henry got up and mentioned that he was going to look at the newspaper. I dedicated myself to saving his chair as the place filled up rapidly. Numerous ladies asked if that seat was taken and I spent lots of time protecting that seat for Henry.

One rather large gentleman approached and started taking the empty chair to another table.

Once again I jumped in to save that seat for Henry.

That seat remained empty throughout the meeting and was still empty when we left the ballroom.

As we left we noticed a group of men sitting on the sofa with a large plate of donuts and sweet rolls on the table in front of them.

Henry seemed to be enjoying himself.

I explained that I had to whip three old ladies and nearly had my butt kicked by a guy, just to protect his chair.

He had a good laugh and explained that he had told us he wasn’t coming back.


The rest of the day went better as Marilyn fixed two large roaster pans full of caramel corn.

She makes great caramel corn!

We divided it with our friends, saving some for Trent & Teresa when we see them again.

Confusion reigned today but the caramel corn made it all ok.

Life is Good!

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