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My office, from the front. It is 3 doors down from us,...

I chose the front porch for my office, with a view of...

Kitchen and back door

2 small bedrooms

Lisa - you can have your pick


John came home with a comfy new office chair - a pretty...

The front steps. I am working about 30 feet from the sea

Sometimes Theodore comes to help me work

Unwinding after a productive day - up at beautiul Marble Hill Farms

Morena, grazing on the salty grass - her favorite

Back to the boat when the power goes out - luckily our...


We love our new location but the one thing I was really missing was my office. Living with your spouse 24/7 in a small area, like a boat, is something you adapt to and we get along very well in our little cave. However, trying to write or work when you are sitting 3 feet apart and sharing table space isn't quite so much fun.

So we explored the options and decided to rent this cute little house from my friend Alana. The rent, like most costs down here, is minimal. The whole house is only $200/month. So we took it for 2 weeks to start, as a trial. I leave after 2 weeks so no need to rent it for the whole month.

It is breezy, about 20 degrees cooler than the boat, bright and quiet. No generator running in the background to muddy up my narrations that I am working on. Over and over and over I read the same lines from the book, with nobody to irritate but the birds chirping outside my windows. John doesn't have to listen to the story, which he knows off by heart by now, over and over for 6 or 8 hours a day.

In the rare event that the power goes out, like my second day in my office, I must make the 60 second walk back to the boat, along the sea, under massive swamp dogwood trees, past my tropical gardens, past my horse, who is grazing peacefully in front of the sea, past Theodore, who jumps up on me, excited to have me home, and work in the boat.

Hopefully I'll sell so many books at the Toronto Boat Show, that I will decide to keep this office when I return to the island in February so I can get back to work on book #3.

Look at all the empty space! Who knows? Maybe I could even get back to my painting, which has been on hold since we moved to the new property.

The empty bedrooms can be quickly fitted with beds, which are stored in the owner's house, right next door to us. So, Lisa or anyone who comes can stay here, since we have no guest rooms to offer right now.

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