The Great Escape / Oct-2012 to Oct-2013 travel blog

Today we are finally covering some new ground again. For the past few weeks we have retraced our steps from Houston back to Orlando and then back to Houston, but now we are seeing places for the first time again. Victoria is another overnighter, but tomorrow we go to Mission, Texas. I find that overnights are tiring because you pack up, drive for 3-5 hours, then set up camp again. There is no time to really relax until we get there, and it is too late to do any sightseeing. We always have to buy fuel, which I prefer to do without the trailer attached, and sometimes we grocery shop or have an errand to run.

I sure hope the weather warms up. I can't complain too much about 45 degree weather, but it is not the 60 to 70 degrees that we have been used to (I put the shorts away for the past few weeks). Back home it has been nasty with very cold temps and lots of snow, so I won't complain any more.

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