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Daves repair job on the caravan

A beautiful safe bay at Binalong Beach, one of the many bays.

Binalong Bay meeting Grants Lagoon

Day 40 Week 6 122 Kms today. Refuelled at St Helens $153.9c/ltr. $176.00 for 114.36ltrs. Today we decided we had to fix the 12v water pump problem, so off to see if we could obtain the non return valve. Left Lagoon Beach early, with the van, and decided to go straight for towns to see if we could find a repairer, whether it be caravan, boat or agricultural, we didn't care.

Only St Helen's offered a auto repairer, and an outboard service agent, and only one offered up any assistance but that would take days. Dave's plumbing background was now put to work, to see of we could fix it temporarily, so we disconnected the van at the Free Overnight stop at sports ground, while we went in search of some make do parts and he managed to find some parts at the local Mitre 10... we are not pumping water out now, Good work Dave...

We then left the van at this spot while we took a drive to all the camp spots in the Camps 6 book, to see if there was any we could get into. Unfortunately, most were too hard to get the van into, Binalong Bay was a lovely spot and had lots of little quiet bays which were great for families, but no camping. Jeanneret Beach was my pick but was full, and Swimcart Beach, which was lovely with great beach side spots was full to capacity, and a very dippy track to get to the bays, was really not an option, in the end, and so we had to head on back.

On the way back, we stopped and bought some oysters, $7.50 a dozen for tea tonight, as Fish and Chip was $10.00 we thought this was better deal.

The oysters are huge and definitely taste different to SA ones. And I cooked some chips as well.

We topped up the tanks with water, got the generator going, and to finish a great day the shower was nice and hot.

We have met some more free campers here, there are 5 vehicles here tonight. Temperature today got up to 33 in the car, and for the first time, we felt it. So many people swimming and enjoying the beaches, it was lovely to see. We have heard that there are bush fires south of here, so will be checking this out tomorrow before we leave.

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