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I began the new year by starting a new walk regimen.

I have no idea how long I’ll do this and made no resolutions, but this morning I walked with Bob.

Jesse used to walk with Bob, but while Bob was out of town, Jesse & Ginger moved away. Rumor has it that they are in Vegas but Bob just scratches his head and says "I wonder where Jesse went".

Bob and I began our walk just as dawn was breaking and Bob set a pretty brisk pace. He carried the flask filled with something he called "Corn Squeezins"!

He said the flask was only for emergencies!

I huffed and puffed, gasping all the way, as I hurried along trying to keep up with my friend.

After just over one mile of crawling along, I gave up and casually mentioned between large gulps of oxygen, that I might just go back to the RV for a cup of coffee.

Bob chuckled and continued on his way, barely aware that I was trying desperately to climb the steep hill which had magically and suddenly appeared on the way to our RV sites.

Marilyn met me at the door. I guess she heard the whimpering and my nails scratching on the door.

I had just settled down into my recliner when Bob knocked on the door, finished with an additional mile and a half walk.

He came in and we sat talking about some travel plans as Marilyn served him a cup of coffee.

He was kind enough not to ask if I would join him for a walk tomorrow morning.

Once he was assured that I was going to live, he left for home.

Later, after some rest and enough coffee to stimulate my heart, I walked next door to see if Bob wanted to ride over to Basha’s grocery for a few supplies.

I picked up items needed to fix a large kettle of “Fruggie (As in Fruit and Veggie) Soup”.

Back in Missouri, Marilyn & I sat visiting with Jennifer and Steve. Somewhere along the way a question arose as to what was a Veggie and what was a Fruit.

Several items in my soup fit each category so we now call it “Fruggie” Soup. The gg sound is pronounced as in Reggie.

The soup had chunks of lean beef with lots of steak seasoning, jalapeno peppers, onions, celery, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, lots of garlic, and some cabbage. I also added a 32 oz container of Beef Broth, various spices and some sugar.

It was delicious, no matter what you call it.

I spent much of the afternoon just resting, preparing myself for the walk tomorrow.

I have driven around this resort and didn’t notice those steep hills but I’ll bet you Bob knows where they are and will lead me in that direction tomorrow.

I wouldn’t mind so much if he would let me carry the flask once in a while. Sigh……

Life is Good!

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