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I have been invited to speak at the Toronto Boat show about our first two adventures on Diamond Lil - the loop trip and our 2 winters in the Bahamas. Now that the show is only a couple of weeks away, it's sinking in that I am really going to do this. I will give 2 presentations about each of my two books and have a chance to sell the books at the show. So, if you are in the Toronto area, come on down!

Here is my show bio and the link to the seminar schedule. I talk on January 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th.

Melanie Wood

“Diamond Lil Does The Loop” and “Diamond Lil Does The Bahamas”

At 48, Melanie Wood retired from a career in the printing industry after meeting her husband, Captain John, in an online dating site a few years earlier. “Hard core boating guy looking to meet hard core boating gal,” the opening of his personal ad, caught her eye. After a few telephone conversations and an in-person meeting, the sparks flew, and eight months later the happy couple set off from their little dock in the backyard of their home on Lake Simcoe for their honeymoon.

Melanie always hoped to become a writer, but a family came along and the dream was put on hold for several years. John’s dream of cruising south from Canada by boat became her own, and once the last of five children moved out to attend college, the couple rented the house, gave away the furniture and household belongings, sold the cars, and headed for the Caribbean.

Melanie combined her love of boating and travel and writing by selling magazine articles to several boating publications. The latest was a six-article series on Cruising The Great Loop in Canada Power Boating Magazine in 2009. The book “The Captain’s Log” is a natural progression of the articles, which were just a short “tease,” an appetizer to stimulate the interest for the main course.

Melanie and John wintered on Diamond Lil, their 38’ Bayliner, in the Bahamas for two winters and then headed back to Florida to re-provision for the next adventure. Setting off from Key West, they cruised to Cuba, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, where they spent two hurricane seasons. Winter seasons were spent in the nearby Honduras Bay Islands, where the Woods’ currently liveaboard Diamond Lil.

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