Finding Cheryl 2012 travel blog


Flores is a pretty little town but with a free morning, I spent it in bed catching up on some rest. Let's face it, my body is not used to climbing over ruins for 5 days straight.

After a leisurly walk around town and some souvenier shopping, we once again boarded a bus to Tikal where we were camping for the night.

That night we made an offering to the Mayan gods (should have been done on 21st but couldn't due to the rain) and a guy in full Mayan outfit joined us.

I did feel sorry for him as the head dress weighs about 3kg.

What can I say, this place was a let down with not enough bedding available and it got down to about 10 degrees. I was one of the lucky ones with what can only be described as a horse blanket. That didn't stop me wearing two t-shirts, a singlet and a jacket to bed as well. Some people only got sheets or a sleeping bag. Definately a let down on the trip.

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