Finding Cheryl 2012 travel blog

Me at Yaxchilan

Steps to the main plaza

The first day of the new era thankfully brought a break in the rain and we headed off to the river that seperates Mexico from Guatamala.

Our first destination for the day was Yaxchalan, an out of the way ruin complex that can only be accessed via boat.

While these were good, I'm not sure that the effort to get there was worth it. And I definately didn't have the energy to explore the whole complex, especially when you had to climb these stairs


We then check out of Mexico and travel down river for an hour before reaching the Guatamalan check point.

All was good until we boarded the private bus that was taking us to Flores. Unfortunately it got a flat tyre - right outside a local bar!!

So whilst the bus driver changed the tyre and then realised that that one was stuffed as well, the group headed for some beers. Some local took pity on the bus driver and drove him and the tyres to the next town to get them fixed. An hour later we are back on the road.

Only to have the tyre go flat again. This time the driver pulls off next to a street vendor who made really nice food (not sure what it was but it was good).

We finally made it to Flores which is an island in the middle of a lake. Definately somewhere I could come back and holiday.

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