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Me at Uxmal

Temple of the Wizard

Top of the Temple of the Wizard over the tree tops

Uxmal ruins were an optional side trip that I was glad I took.

While there are other buildings within the Uxmal complex, it is dominated by the Temple of the Wizard which according to legend was built in one night.

The Temple of the Wizard is an oval temple, the only one known to exist in the Mayan world, and has three distinct periods of building.

The complex was also built on a number of platforms which meant that I definately did my 10,000 steps for the day. The Mayan were definately fit people.

We also stayed for a light show which was pretty disappointing and didn't photograph well.

The great thing about Uxmal is that it is not a popular as some of the other ruins and therefore felt more peaceful. It also helped that it was more connected than Chichen Itza which was quite spread out.

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