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Calendar pyramid


Wow! What an introduction to the Mayan world.

Chichen Itza was the first stop on my Mayan Discovery tour and as well as the famous calendar pyramid

, it holds ruins from the pre classic, classic and post classic Mayan eras.

Unfortunately the day was cloudy and the photos not that great but the guide was well informed explaining the significance of the calandar pyramid including the fact that there are infact 365 steps (91 on each side and the top platform).

Chichen Itza also has one of the biggest ball courts in the Mayan world and the iconology carved into the walls indicate that here, the teams are made up of seven players with the captain of the winning team having the great honour of being sacraficed and taking messages from the people to the gods.

And then there was the observatory,

, thought to be the only one in the mayan world where there is evidence that Mayans spent many hours watching the stars, mapping the planets and recording significant dates like equinoxes.

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