Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Lake Aire RV Park - Our lot is K6.

Our campsite at Lake Aire

The Mutt & Jeff of campers

A few of our neighbors. There are 22 in all.

Quick! You keep the lookout while I send Auntie Quackers an email!!

Here come those pesky neighbors...always looking for a handout.

Maybe if I ignore them, they'll leave.

Trees grow funny down south

A Sweetwater Grass basket of many along the highway on the...

Lots of stuff getting ready to grow

That's a cargo ship being loaded

And a container ship

This is part of a wood processing mill along the river

The ducks at the campground roost on the back of benches or...

They also like to roost on play gyms

Penny talking with Dave, the shrimp net guy/

He's throwing out the net to get some shrimp

This is where we get our fresh shrimp - right at the...

This is the Navy ship being remodeled into a personal cruiser

This says it all!

Penny and Bob in front of the Angel Tree

It's a BIG tree!!

Penny with a geocache

Were you really in this fishing tournament, Wayne?

The Folly Beach Fishing Pier

Getting ready to catch a wave at Folly Beach

A beautiful end to some beautiful days

Nellie likes Christmas

We have to park behind the Ti now!

The pond after all the rain.

This is a BEAUTIFUL flag!!!


Humph. Can't find our "trip route" from Tabor City to Charleston but I do remember we took Route 17 the whole way down. And we did pull into the Lake Aire RV Park about 17 miles northwest of Charleston SC sometime in the early afternoon. And I don't remember having any trouble on the way down. And I do know that we have a nice lot here, out in the open (which would be great if we had a satellite dish!) so we do have the sun to help warm us up a bit.


Well, we have a problem Houston. Our black tank (sewer) is clogged up somewhere along the line. Thank goodness we’re not too far from the laundry/bathrooms.


Stopped and bought a dozen crabs from the guy down the road then asked him about fishing and crabbing. He told us two places to try so off we went. We stopped at the first one, a boat ramp, and there was a man (Dave) throwing out shrimp nets. I went down to talk with him and he said he’s getting them to freeze for bait later in the year when they’ve all moved to warmer climes or into deeper holes. They weren’t very big shrimp but they were a great size for bait.

We got to talking and I found out he has horses!! Well, if my ears didn’t perk up at that!! He said he has a farm a bit further down the road with 16 horses. I told him I'd love to visit them (I don't miss the Pocono farm but I do miss the horses!) and he said we could maybe go down the next time we saw him.

He told us where to go to get eating shrimp. Nice sized! $4 a pound with their heads. $5 without.


Took some carrots for the horses and off to find Dave. He wasn’t at the shrimping place so we drove on to Kiawah Island to see if Bob could find somewhere to surf fish. Well, the damn island is closed to anyone not owning a house there!! That seems so un-American. The ocean belongs to us all…but up and down the east coast, houses and condos have sprung up resulting in the privatization of those beaches; people are buying islands and closing them off. The beaches are becoming inaccessible to anyone but beach property owners. There otta’ be a law… END of RANT

Did some geocaching and one stop was a beautiful HUGE live oak tree. It’s called the Angel Oak Tree because it’s canopy covers such a large area. It’s estimated to be over 1400 years old although some estimates age it at 300-400 years. Because live oaks tend to develop heart rot, it’s difficult to obtain accurate core samples. It’s 65 feet tall, 25.5 feet in circumference (the trunk) and reaches out over a 17,000 square foot area. Its longest limb is 89 feet long and 11.5 feet in circumference. Lumber from live oak trees was highly valued for shipbuilding in the 18th and 19th centuries.

It was certainly beautiful!


I worked on the sewer today but to no avail. Can’t get that stuff to go down no matter what I do. I’ve dumped 2 gallons of drain cleaner in there (worked the last time a couple of years ago) but nothing happened this time. Snaked it from the outside; snaked it from the inside. Still nothing. So, did the smart thing…called the mobile RV repair guy and then went geocaching.


My meds still aren’t here so we’ll be staying until Tuesday. I grabbed a geocache this morning before the repair guy came. He checked the situation, got a piece of PEX tubing about 7’ long out of his truck and proceeded to jam it down our loo to break the blockage…and it worked! Thank goodness.


I went geocaching today and Bob decided he’d come along for the ride so off we went. After my one find and one Did Not Find, we drove to Folly Beach where Bob took a walk down the pier and I walked on the beach a bit. Back at the truck, I asked someone where a good raw bar (oysters) would be other than in town and he told us of one he had passed on his way in with “A million people out on the sidewalk and lots of smoke” and it was right on our way home. So after Bob returned from the pier, off we went…stopping to grab one geocache along the way…and shortly after we turned onto Route 17 we saw what the fellow had explained. Well, we didn’t see the smoke but we did see the people (really, only a “bunch”) standing around tall tables eating oysters so we found a place to park and went to investigate. Would you believe we were too late?! What it was – the first Sunday of each month, the Pearlz Oyster Bar sponsors an “All You Can Eat” oyster deal from noon ‘til 5:00 p.m. They steam them; you shuck them. It appears to be extremely popular because there were piles and piles of oysters on the tables and it was definitely a standing room only situation. What a disappointment! HOWEVER, the gentleman I spoke to said we could get oysters inside at the bar even though it wasn’t all you could eat. So in we went to a very noisy bar where we got a table and I ordered a dozen oysters on the half shell and Bob got the mussels. Oh yum, totally delicious. And a good time was had by all.


Well, we’re still here! This is such a nice area and the weather’s been so beautiful (mid 70’s during the day!)….and there’s so much shrimp and crabs. Just can’t bring ourselves to head inland.

Yesterday, Bob and I drove to CVS to pick up meds then we did some geocaching and just driving around. Found some really neat places and ended up at the Wide Awake Park, a quiet, secluded park, part of the Wide Awake Plantation, right on the water. Today I took him back there with his fishing gear so he could put a line in the water. I came home and washed and waxed the kitchen floor then back to pick him up. He didn’t catch anything but 2 other guys there were a little luckier…until the dolphins came through! Bob said he saw about 5 groups of dolphins go by and when this happens, the fish tend to disappear for awhile. He had a good time, though.

We also stopped at the Caw Caw Intrepretation Center for a quick geocache but this place is so neat, we want to come back another day to walk the trails throughout the park.


Took Bob into the Civil War Museum in Charleston and then I went and did some errands. Well, it appears he didn’t just go to the museum; he also took a 1-hour carriage tour and enjoyed a small lunch at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company restaurant! Heck, had I known he was going to do all that, I would have gone along! Charleston is a really neat old city with a lot of history. The old houses are absolutely beautiful and oh, so elegant…especially now when they’re all dressed up for Christmas.


There was a geocache just put out 2 days ago and I WAS going to try for a First-To-Find yesterday but I forgot all about it and someone else grabbed that honor. I went out today to claim Second-to-Find. Nice little walk along a nice little tanbark trail. Saw a pileated woodpecker; found the cache. Not much else today, I don’t think.

12/8 – 12/29/12

I have got to remember to write in this blog more often because I just cannot remember what all we did all these days. Of course there was geocaching…at least one a day. Oh yes, there is a younger couple here in the park that we’ve made friends with…Ralph and Christa. Ralph is a street performer in Charleston. He is a living statue called the Man-In-White. He stands still as a statue for awhile and then, when someone donates to his kitty, he starts to move in a robotical way and plays part of a tune on his guitar then stops in another statue position and holds that pose until someone else donates. He’s really quite good and it’s neat to hear people as they comment on his act as they’re walking down the street. Christa sells some very nice jewelry she makes under the name of Gypsy Jewelry Christa.

Along the route we take on the way into Charleston, there is a car dealership that flies a HUGE, absolutely beautiful American flag! It appears to be the size you see on football fields where about 20 people are holding a side of it and 20 on the other side of it and it covers almost the whole field. It is just fantastic. If I were in the market for a new car, I'd buy it there just because they have that flag.

On the 9th, Bob and I went to the Christmas parade in Summerville SC. Very nice town and very nice parade. When we went back to the truck to come home, though, it wouldn’t start. So, once again, I called Good Sam Emergency Road Service and they sent someone out to give us a jump start. First of all, the guy tried using a little battery charger and he put it on our secondary battery. Of course it didn’t have enough juice to do anything so he decided he’d best use the battery on his truck…but he didn’t have jumper cables!! Luckily we had a set so he hooked them up to his truck then to our main battery…backwards!!! WOW!! Did those sparks fly! He changed them around and finally our truck roared to life and off we went. Trouble is, all the way home, the alternator needle would go into the red so we’d pull over and sit a bit then off we’d go again for another couple of miles then into the red it’d go again. I then decided to just let the truck coast when the needle went up and that worked better. We were at least able to cover some distance until the needle went back to normal. Goodness knows what problems that guy created with the incorrect connections!

We finally got home and I turned off the truck, and then Bob says his window is still open. Sheesh. And the truck was, once again, deader than the proverbial doornail. So we just put a big plastic bag over the opening until we see what’s what tomorrow. Bob put the trickle charger on for the evening. I called and rented a car to use while the truck is down.

The next day, our neighbor here at the campground, checked the batteries and said they checked out just fine. These are Interstate batteries and we just got them last year so, with the knowledge that they were still under warranty, we took them up the road to the Ravenel Truck Center where they sell Interstates. The fellow there also checked them and said they were fine so back we came, put them back into the truck and it started right up! What is going on here? I suggested we leave them in overnight and see if they were still good the next morning. They weren’t. Finally, I called the truck center to have them send someone down the following week.

Ralph and Christa travel in a van that’s not been working very well lately so I played chauffeur on the weekends, taking Bob and Ralph down to Charleston so Ralph could work and Bob could explore city a bit.

Bob and I also discovered a good place where we could buy shrimp right off the boat for $4 a pound. And they are sooooo good!

We took a trip back to the Caw Caw Interpretive Center one day and took a nice long walk along the dikes in the old rice fields. Saw an alligator in one of the irrigation channels. I thought he was fake because he didn’t move or bat an eyelid when I threw sticks at him. Of course, the sticks only went about a quarter of the way across the channel so he probably didn’t feel at all threatened. When we got back to the center, the fellow there said he was truly a real one. We want to go through there again (take a different trail) and if he’s still in the same place (the alligator, not the man), I’m calling it a fake.

Lee from the truck center finally came down, checked out the truck, tightened the cable connections on the batteries and that was that!! While he was here, he went over to check their van out and said it could be this, this or that. Ralph took it in the next day so they can work on it. After he dropped the van off, he and I went geocaching down to Edisto Island. What a neat place this is. A lot of very nice houses right on the ocean; a lot of very nice houses further inland. But, unlike New Jersey where you can’t even get to the ocean anymore because of all the hotels and condos, Edisto Island has beach accesses every couple of blocks with a little parking area. I realize that those accesses are probably very crowded during the summer months but right now we had them all to ourselves. It seems like a very laid back town but I imagine it can be quite busy in the summer.

Took Bob down one afternoon so he could go surf fishing and he decided he’d just spend the night on the beach. So I left him there with his surf rod, tackle box, chair, camera, raincoat, and food and came on home where the peace and quiet was so nice. A big storm came in during the night (the trailer was a’rockin’ and the rain was a’pourin’) and the next morning there were huge puddle-lakes all over the campgrounds. The ducks really liked those even though they have several regular ponds to swim in.

After I picked Bob up the next day, we drove around the island a bit and saw an eagle on a golf cart path about 50' from us. He was working on some piece of carrion so I pulled off the road, turned off the engine, and we just watched him. Bob wanted to get a picture of him but he didn't find the camera in time before the eagle tired of us and flew away. Two vultures came in and took his place on what we THINK was an armadillo because it had that kind of tail but I'm not too sure just what would have killed it. Certainly not an eagle dropping it from the sky. Just don't know.


Ralph is playing downtown this evening so I took Bob down for a couple of hours so he could take pics and such. They have a family celebration in Marion Park with entertainment but no booze so it should be rather nice. Ralph will do a gig for the kid's show around 4:00 and then again for the adult celebration around 8:30 where he'll be the lead-in for a the band. The whole thing is over by 10:30 so people can go on to wherever they're going to ring in the new year. Bob left after Ralph's show and we came on home to celebrate. The trailer on the other side of the pond had some very nice fireworks which made up for the fact that we couldn't get the New York fireworks show on TV.

So now I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may your 2013 be even better than your 2012 with regards to health, wealth and most of all, happiness. See you in 2013!!

By the way, I've posted some pictures in the blog but there are just too many to choose from so if you'd like to see more, just click here. If there is a triangle next to the main album, click on that to see the sub-albums. Click on the first picture of an album to enlarge it then use the right and left arrows along the side of the picture to advance or go back.

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