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The bright lights of the big city!! Off the bus and onto the metro!! Yay a tube train! Pretty simple they were too. Couple of geek snaps to send back to work and we were at the hostel. 

Santiago is pretty excellent. Easy to navigate to. I had ATD round all the major landmarks, churches, cathedrals and palatial buildings in a couple of hours. Pleased he was too I can tell you. They have amazing parks with luxury hotels in them ( i slid down some rock steps on my bum in one) and a fantastic hill/mountain you can walk around with swimming pools and playgrounds and botanical gardens. It's huge, it's cool, it's not cheap...

Now we're really starting to see how the more developed Latin Americans get their drink on. The place is buzzing, heaving with restaurants and bars. Dinner starts at 10pm so it's best to get a snooze in . We were considerably shabby compared to the santiagans and still shaking Bolivian dust out of our shoes as they are glamming up.

Big dog breakdown

Santiago: Cosmoshock!!!

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