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2013 Officers - President Stuart Whiteside, VP Glenda Alexander, Secretary Donette Harpole,...

Glenda Alexander Presenting Camper of the Year Certificate to Ethel Fitzgerald

Business Meeting

Business Meeting


The warranty company refused to pay for a new air conditioner for me, so Camping World ordered a new motor from Dallas. They will call me tomorrow when they have received it and I will drive back to have it installed. They were able to resolve the water heater issue, though. It was as I had thought: The sensor for the Hott Rod had come loose from the water heater. They re-attached it.

I spent tonight at the Canyon Trails RV Resort with my RV buds. I just hooked up to electricity and left nearly everything “battened down” so I won’t have it to do all over again when I get ready to return to Camping World.

We had a brown-bag supper tonight because tomorrow night is when we’ll have our big Christmas dinner. We had 19 rigs (24 people, including four visitors) this time. We had a good time catching up with everyone’s activities and getting acquainted with our visitors.


It was about noon when Camping World called to tell me that my new A/C motor had arrived. I quickly finished my lunch and headed back down there. Alas! When the technician started to install the motor, he discovered that the “squirrel cage” was damaged and would have to be replaced before he could install the new motor. They didn’t have the right size in stock so they had to order one. Now I will have to return yet again. This is getting to be frustrating! I told the serviceman that I should have a new air conditioner due to this additional part problem. He said that he would call the warranty company again on Saturday and try to persuade them to pay for one. He will call me on Saturday to update me. I returned to San Marcos. Again, I left things “battened down”.

This afternoon we had our business meeting. We voted on Camper of the Year and Ethel Fitzgerald received the honor. Outgoing VP, Val White, installed the 2013 officers. In 2013 I will serve as VP.

After the meeting I made Ethel’s certificate and Stuart supplied a frame. It looked quite nice, if I do say so. Right before dinner, as the 2011 Camper of the Year, I presented to Ethel her certificate.

Our dinner was abundant, to put it mildly. It was a wonderful meal.


The Camping World serviceman called to tell me that the warranty company is closed on Saturdays so he will have to call them on Monday. If they refuse to pay for a new air conditioner, he will order the squirrel cage. Then I’ll have to go back to have the parts installed. I’m hoping for a new A/C.

This morning Stuart and Val took our gifts of toys, personal items and over $500 in cash to the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Shelter. We learned that one of their greatest needs is flip-flops. Many of the women and children arrive with no shoes because they have had to leave their abusive situation so quickly that they don’t even have time to put on their shoes. Flip-flops are good because they don’t have to fit precisely. This is such a sad situation. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a judge because I wouldn’t have much mercy on the abusers.

Tonight we had leftovers for dinner and still had a lot of food. We didn’t even need the second turkey. I suggested that we donate it to the Women’s Shelter. Val called to see whether they could accept it and, happily, they could. Stuart took it to them.

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