Thanksgiving Crossing on the Reflection 2012 travel blog

Trina Johnson Finn remembering the songs of Whitney Houston

A very willing participant in one of her songs

When she sang “I will always love you”, I cried

Nick Weir, our Cruise Director, is also a talented showman

Allegria Strings as part of Nick’s show

Nick chose 5 men from the audience (I swear they were ringers)...

This guy was a chicken

This guy was a pig and he wasn’t supposed to say “Oink”...

Uncommon Ground, the acappella quartet

Nick became Elton John

Everyone on stage

The entertainment aboard Reflection was not the best we have ever seen but there were some exceptions. A vocalist, Nik Page, was outstanding. And of course Nick Weir's show was outstanding. While I liked Trina, my traveling companions didn’t. The Reflection shows by the cast members were glitzy and lively and LOUD but we are getting a little tired of the Cirque du Soleil type acts. They always have a magician and Jaimie Allen was pretty good. The comedians, other singers were less than memorable and sometimes we just didn’t go.

Some of the other venue acts such as d’Revelation party band, Uncommon Ground acappella quartet, Jefferson Ang (a guitarist and vocalist), Peter James (piano music), and the Allegria Strings were very good. Often times as we would stroll around the ship we would catch them.

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