Thanksgiving Crossing on the Reflection 2012 travel blog

Our cabin, 1561, on deck 11, Aqua Class

The ship’s library on decks 10 and 11

Looking down to deck 3 from deck 11

Deck 3 midship

Looking up from deck 3

The Martini Bar at a quiet moment

This conversation piece was in the hallway just prior to the entrance...

The quiet room deck 11 forward

Wine on tap in Cellar Masters on deck 4


There was hardly anyone ever in here

Pool deck 14 looking down from deck 15


Sunset Bar on deck 15

One of the eight rentable cabanas on the lawn on deck 15....

The Lawn Club Grill, a specialty restaurant, replaced the glass blowers on...

Rentable hammocks not used too often either

The Porch was relatively inexpensive, served breakfast and lunch

There was a Zumba class everyday led by Linell Brooks

The Solarium Pool on deck 14

The buffet stations in the Oceanview Cafe on deck 14

Decks 4 and 5 midship with Christmas decorations

D’Revelation party band. They were very good.

Hallway toward the specialty restaurants aft. Every few seconds it bonged.

Sad. Michael’s Club is now a sports bar


Decks 10, 11 and 12

Early one morning aft

A beautiful sunrise


The Reflection, the last of Celebrity’s Solstice class ships, debuted just a few short months ago. She’s 126,000 tons, 1,047 feet long, 121 feet wide, and can carry 3030 passengers. She has a crew of 999. She’s impressive and even smells new. Celebrity did some alterations to the original design of the Solstice class ships, some good, some bad. Replacing the glass blowing place on deck 15 with a restaurant was good. Walling in part of the Sky Lounge to make suites and making Michael’s Club a sports bar was bad.

The ship was full which made for a nightmare process of embarkation in Barcelona in a space that was not nearly big enough for all those people. We waited for about 45 minutes till the lines got smaller. Then we were riding up the escalator when the woman in front of us turned around and fell backwards at our feet. Her luggage was in front of her, my luggage was behind me and Richard was behind the luggage. We had a terrible few minutes trying to get her up, retrieve her luggage and keep the people behind us from trampling everyone. Quickly a Celebrity person got there, stopped the escalator and got her seated in a nearby chair. Fortunately Virginia from North Carolina traveling by herself, only suffered minor scrapes and bruises. Celebrity person, Jim, did take her to the ship’s medical facility though just to be sure. And we saw her several times on board and shared a drink with her at the Martini Bar one evening. Delightful lady.

The ship had experienced a technical issue on the previous sailing causing it to sail at a reduced rate of speed. Onboard engineers and additional specialists worked on the issue and corrected part of the problem, but the ship still couldn’t go fast enough. So we had to skip a port, namely Tenerife, Canary Islands. Oh well, we love sea days but after nine in a row…

We loved Aqua Class and being able to eat in Blu. We normally ate around 6:45 every evening and finally the maitre d’ saved our usual table for us. The service (especially from Marina, our assistant waiter) and the food were excellent. Richard particularly enjoyed the Persian Gardens with the sauna, the steam room, the infusion room and the cold room. He was faithful about riding the recumbent bike in the gym. I climbed the stairs, rarely using the elevators. We enjoyed using our drink coupons because we could take our last glass of wine to the dining room.

We had a very nice wine tasting experience in the Opus Restaurant (the main dining room) one day, sitting a table with a couple living in Salt Lake City, Eileen and Tony, retired teachers. We met some great people at the Martini Bar most evenings: a German couple who lived and worked in Minneapolis for a few years as did their son who remained in the US and lives in Nashville, Jim and Loretta, Hess from Holland and now Sonoma County CA, Carol a nurse from MI now in GA, and her friend from GA, Cay from Sacramento.

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