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Saturday, December 8th - day of Relaxaztion at Massinga Beach lodge

Today was a day of pure relaxation...sleeping a little late, okay we still woke up at 6am, and a nice coffee on our deck. After breaks we hiked down the cliffs to the pool/lunch area to enjoy the pool and the beach. The beach was desolate with an occasional local fishing off the beach just using a solo line and no fishing rod. Large boulders dotted the beach and the waves were even higher today than yesterday reaching about 5-8ft...Marks dream come true. Although there was no surf board in sight Mark took out the sea kayak and attempted to kayak over the rough waves...I decided to watch as that seemed like a much better decision than crashing into those waves. Bongie was a cute "Massinga Lodge" dog. Every one loved to play with Bongie...he was a scrappy little thing with short legs. He was a water rat and loved to fetch is half cup coconut shell /makeshift toy. It was as if I had taken Madison to the beach...as he would keep binging his toy to me to throw it and if you did not respond he would start barking. Then when he got tired he would sit in the water to cool off and roll in the sand. I started to feel guilty because poor Madison was not there enjoying it.

Mark came back from a successful kayak trip and we headed to the pool. Once we got to the infinity pool that overlooked the beach, our jaws dropped and not in a good way....we were looking at a swamp! The sides of the pool had green algae and stained green filth while the bottom was one huge green patch with greenish water...it looked worse than when my dad would open the pool after winter! The pool area was not even set up...the chairs were all shoved together with no cushions on them as if the pool area was closed. We were very upset and decided to have lunch and go to our plunge pool afterwards, hopefully cleaned up after our request. This time lunch was better except the bar was once again not stocked with wine or beer...even though one person had a beer next to us. The staff was not accommodating what so ever and I was going to make a special hike up to reception just to get a drink. We made it to our plunge pool and once again our mouths opened with amazement...they had definitely cleaned our plunge pool, but now there was only 4 inches of water in it!! It was at this time that "Chicago Julie" came out as we marched to the reception area to complain and insisted to speak to the manager. Everything was chaotic at the lodge as the manager left to Joburg in the morning because his pregnant wife was diagnosed with malaria! ...how awful! That led us to have to deal with an acting manager....the whole afternoon was an ordeal of explaining the horrific issues we encountered at the lodge.

The acting manager, Tom, insisted we get massages in our room and that he would contact the owners and discuss our issues. Well, Agnes the masseuse, worked her magic and We received one of the best massages in our room listening to the soothing crashing waves. Fully relaxed, we enjoyed a much better night...photo ops with the sunset and Marks tripod, and a bug-free dinner! It was night and day difference having our dinner this evening. Not many mosquitoes and bugs out. Every staff worker in the lodge must have come up to us that night to see if everything was okay. After dinner we enjoyed the stars of the Southern hemisphere with the upside downOrion and Southern cross...but still no moon out. The generators turned off at 10:30pm and we thought everything would turn pitch black but the stars were so bright they shined like mini Xmas tree lights...truly peaceful.

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