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Thursday, December 6th - Vilanculos - Free Day

A crazy storm literally poured tons and tons of rain throughout the night....lightening, thunder, and periods of no electricity which meant no fans. The wind was fiercely blowing and knocking the coconut trees in front of the lodge back and forth like it was a tropical storm...we thought for sure it was going to be a rainy day spent at Casa Babi. Still rainy during our breakfast, our Dhow Sailing/snorkeling trip was canceled.

It was actually a blessing in disguise because it gave us an opportunity to have a nice and relaxing morning and take a break from the SUN! Our bodies were still scorched by the sun from yesterday with bright recd sunburn patches. Then, all of a sudden the rain pushed out, and the sun Started peeking out of the sky. Still no camera for 'Mark so We took the opportunity to take a long walk on the beach and I gave him my camera. We went to the one African carved wood shop on the way and I tried to haggle for this table that I wanted and saw with Fikirie the other day. New people were in the shop and they raised the price of the table this time...they would not budge off their price! Now usually I am really good at haggling a good price but not this time.

It was a nice walk along the beach, the fantastic blue water hues swirling together with the sand reefs, seeing the local homes, and passing an occasional pub or restaurant. We started to make our own pub/restaurant crawl to check out the varieties of the food and drinks, and to cool down because by now it had gotten Africa hot again without the breezes. We were making our way to a gift shop that was recommended to us...they really don't have shops here but 3 small shops that have hand carved wooden items. We didn't realize the shop was so far and soon that walk turned into a mission to get there....6km later we arrived!! And once we arrived the shop owner, a South African lady, offered us a ride back into the city with one of her staff members. We climbed into a ratchety old pick up truck with both of us cramped into the front seat and the front door barely hanging on the hinges with 8 locals in the back of the truck...only in small villages in Africa!

It was great to be able to relax, swim and go to dinner rather than being on a fast paced schedule. We had dinner once again up the coast at a great place called Casa Rex...a small modernized hotel with beautifully manicured gardens overlooking the bay. Once again it started to rain and we ended have having a small romantic candle lit dinner as they lost power. I was really glad we stayed at Casa Babi as the mozzies and bugs were not as bad as at Casa Rex...small price to pay for manicured gardens!

Our last night at Casa Babi...Good Night!

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