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Wednesday, December 5th - Snorkeling 2 Mile Reef - Bazarato Island

It was a great hot morning and a great day for our snorkeling trip to Bazarato Island to snorkel the archipelago of Two Mile Reef! We were taking it thru the Odeseyea Dive company (owners of our lodge). About 8 divers and 3 snorkel ears climbed on a small motorized dive boat and set out full speed ahead to Bazarato Island. It was about a 45 min ride to the island. The ride was very bumpy with large waves crashing into our tiny boat. I was hanging on for dar life on the boat strings with my feet under their safety straps to prevent going over board. I thought I was going to slip off the boat seat and Ito the middle of the boat with the diving gear... It was not the most comfortable ride. Of our way to the island we ran I to a school of dolphins jumping the waves. The boat dropped off the snorkelers on the island and then left to take the divers to a separate area. We had time to snorkel and climb this high sand dune to see the views of the island and surrounding islands.

They put up a make shift covered tent to get us some shade on the beach. As We got situated on the beach, I noticed several locals and their children in the distance. Then, all of a sudden all of the locals came over to my towel and just started haul king, smiling, and saying "Bonita" and would not leave...I started to smile and but didn't understand what they were saying other than "Bonita". It started getting a bit uncomfortable as this happened once I was in my bikini top! It was the same thing as what happened in the markets yesterday!

Another sand dune....It looked like it was nothing special in comparison the dunes I encountered weeks ago. As I started the hike I was pleasantly surprised and amazed...the view half way up was spectacular! I could see many of the shallow reefs with the light and dark blues hues swirled together with the beige sand. After climbing the one dune another one popped up and the views got even better and you could see the entire ocean and the next island, Benguerra Island.

After lunch everyone got into the boat and we went full speed ahead again...this time it was a bit waiver and even rougher...almost to rough for me. I was hanging on to that string so tightly I started getting cramps in my fingers! After dropping the divers off in the rough choppy open seas, we went to the protected, shallow area known as 2 mile reef...basically looking into an aquarium. It was a very shallow area so a lot of great fishes and coral could be found but it the currents was very rough and it became challenging keeping from being swayed into the coral. Their were a lot of great colorful coral formulations with different colorful fishes. It did not have a lot of of fishes swimming around the coral, but the ones that I could see had great colors. I also know what to get Mark for x-mas....his own underwater camera! Lets just say it was difficult to get it back from him once he got it, however, he was able to dive deep down and get some great shots. A long eel came out of its hiding too. I started to get a bad leg cramp and it was difficult staying out of the shallow coral areas so I ended my snorkel a bit early and had one hell of a time trying to climb back into the dive boat when it was so shallow that I could almost stand but couldn't because there was coral inches below me!

The 45 min ride back was a bit rough as we went through some rain patches and arrived back to Casa Babi just as the fisherman started Arriving back in their small dhow boats. We had gotten ALOT of sun and for some reason we both seemed to apply the suntan lotion the same way to each other....we each had red patches all over where we missed the sunscreen....and it hurt! Ouch!

This time dinner was at a restaurant up the coast at Samara where they were to have the best seafood....well, at least the stuffed crab was amazing! We had to order a whole another order as it was so good!

Off to bed...whew, a great but tiring day!

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