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Monday, dec 3rd - Johannesburg, South Africa to Vilanculos, Mozambique

Up early again but this time with a hair dryer! Yea! My pet peeve is a hotel that says they have wifi, you buy time on it, and the connection is too weak to use it....and that is what happened this morning. I had to resort to using my " intl package" I bought from AT&T that evidently does not apply to ANY of the countries I visited, my phone has been officially shut off! so, that was not a nice call to them this morning...I think its time to scrap the idea of blogging in Africa for the next trip here!! ...Subtle warning to the P's!

So it was off to the airport. I was off to catch my flight on this small air carrier called Federal Air from Joburg, South Africa to Vilanculos, Mozambique. I made sure I was one of the first to arrive at the gate as these South Africans don't mess around with gate closings. This flight is a bit backwards and creates random unannounced stops...so we had an unannounced stop in Krueger Park.

On my flight I met a great guy from South Africa that has a home in Mozambique. He was giving me good pointers on what to do and where to go....looks like I may change my whole itinerary around! Hope to have warmer and drier weather once we arrive vs the rains in Joburg!

It is perfect weather on arrival....warm and sunny! Vilanculos is a very poor beach village in Mozambique but known for their archipelagos. Well, for being so poor they amazed me with a state of the art electronic picture taking and fingerprinting upon arrival at the airport.

I was just a 5 minute ride to the lodge...casa Babi. In this area you have two choices...cheap backpackers, low-grade places on the beach or you get transferred to an island and pay $600pp for a room of luxury. Well, I didn't want either and researched forever and came upon this gem...it's amazing! This couple, Denis and Sabrina, own a dive center and just last year they built a 4 room Inn right next to the Dive Center. It is cheap yet amazing....fantastic views of the ocean (literally right on it) and the rooms are modern and sleek, and the owners are so hospitable! They have private cook that I have heard makes unbelievable dishes....we shall see. There is a great swing on my balcony that I could just sit in all day and watch the water.

Today was a day of pure relaxation....sometimes I forget how to do that. In the afternoon it was low tide and it was about 50 ft out, but layers of light and blue waters were in the distance with no waves. As it got later the water started to creep higher and the locals flocked to the beach in huge groups waiting for their fisherman to sail into shore after a long day of fishing on the Dhow sails. The woman, kids, and other men gathered in big circles waiting for the fresh fish. They would bring big bowls to get the fish and then balance them on their heads back to the village. Little kids were flying their makeshift "kites" and playing soccer on the sand. After all the boats came in, the beach once agin got deserted and now the waves were crashing into the shore looking like a true ocean and sounding so peaceful...I just love that sound! The village near here is very poor and they live in straw huts...I will be visiting this tomorrow.

The location is not on the side of the sunset but rather the sun rise so I created my own sundowner and had a glass of wine and watched the sky get dark over the water with the palm trees fiercely blowing in the wind....it gets quite windy here. I am happy that the mozzies were not that bad here...due to the fact the wind on this portion is a bit higher than some. I had dinner at Casa Babi tonight with another guest, Chris, from London. He was very interesting and shared in our multitude of traveling experiences. Dinner was nice as it was freshly caught calamari...I have never seen calamari that big! It was the size of a small loaf of bread! And, the stars are great here too! Off to bed...a giant fan over my bed and surrounded by proper mozzy nets...I was a bit hesitant to keep my windows open but Sabrina said it was fine with the nets...I so badly wanted to hear the waves crash while sleeping. The changes from the bush to here are so drastically different but both amazing in their own way!

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