Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Looks like it snowed here. But it's cotton.

We put a down payment on our new house! NOT!

Trees are just beginning to change color down here. This one is...

An old sharecropper's house.

This is where we're staying for a week.

And you thought wine grew on vines. Wine grows on tall bushes.

"So those are shrimp, huh. I think I LIKE shrimp!" (He does!)

This is where we got our delicious fresh shrimp in NC

A different kind of "tow" truck...err, boat.

A little pricey down here

This ship goes 12 miles out; you gamble; it comes back.

A tow boat....

...pulling a large barge....

...pulling a long line of dredge tubing. When they dredge out an...

The little tow boat keeping the tubing line straight.

The view out Tavi's back door.


Today is moving day again. Chip and Bonnie packed up and went over to Mendy's for a last visit while we packed up and headed directly to the next campground in Tabor City, NC. where we'll be staying at the Grapefull Sisters Vineyard and Carrollwoods RV Park, a family developed and run vineyard and campground, far from the maddening crowd. So quiet. So peaceful. And such nice people. It is a bit far from shopping though. Oh well, can't always have everything.

Chip and Bonnie pulled in a couple of hours later and after he got set up, we went off to see his oldest daughter, Tavi, and her family who live north of Myrtle Beach, NC, on a nice quiet lane right on the water. Absolutely fantastic!!! We had a very nice visit there and I ALMOST came home with another kitten!!

Bob and I did some exploring around the area and found a neat place to buy shrimp right off the boat. Oh so delicious. We also drove around North Myrtle Beach trying to find the house my "ex" used to own. All I could remember is that it was a block from the beach and was on some backwater. I'm sure we drove past it but since I was only there once many years ago when helping him move some furniture in, I just couldn't be sure...especially since most of them look so very similar. We did see some very nice houses and lots of golf courses which leads me to believe this might be a rather expensive area to live.

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