Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Starting to see logging trucks along the highway

And this is where we broke down. NC Visitor's Center.

He's hauling seafood from Alaska to Florida on this trip!

Big sister; little brother.

This is a really nice camper with pop-out dinette.

A few of our neighbors

Who? Me?

We left Virginia about 11 a.m. for the 220-mile trip to the RVacation Campground in Selma, North Carolina where we'll meet my brother and his wife, Bonnie, and visit with his youngest daughter, Mendy who lives in Four Oaks, NC.

We were scheduled to arrive around 3:00 o'clock, in time for dinner at Mendy's house, but God had other plans for us today. As we pulled into the North Carolina Welcome Center just south of the Virginia line, I sensed a strong smell of diesel as Bob left to get a NC map. I got out and diesel was pouring out somewhere from the engine!!! I turned the truck off and then it stopped. Got back in and just turned the key and out it poured again! Big puddle of diesel! A trucker was next to us and he checked it out and said the relief valve from the diesel line was missing or broken or something like that so I called Good Sam Emergency Road Service and explained the problem and they said someone would be there in an hour or so. While we waited, the trucker also said we should see if the maintenance man at the center had some sort of dry stuff to put on it before the cops came and gave us a ticket for pollution so Bob went into the house and got all the kitty litter out of Nellie's box and all the kitty litter out of Sam's tree area and we used that. Worked pretty well. The maintenance guy did stop by with some Staz-Dry (or something like that) and we put that down, too.

The service guys showed up (two good ol' boys); I explained the problem; they checked it out and after digging through all their tool boxes, decided they didn't have the part that was needed and had to go to town to get it. They eventually came back and, even though they didn't have the exact thing it needed, what they had worked. It's a fuel line valve but not a relief valve. I'll have to have that changed out later.

So, instead of pulling into the campground around 3:00 as projected, we finally arrived at 6:45. A long day.

This is a nice campground with long, level shaded lots but it's not far from Interstate 95 (maybe 60 yards) which made it rather noisy for Chip and Bonnie in their tent camper but wasn't too bad for us in our hard-sided house. Nice little pond with fish and ducks and geese. Chip and Bonnie had gone on to Mendy's for dinner and she very kindly made a doggy-bag for them to bring to us.


Went to Mendy's with Chip, Bob and Bonnie to do up her dishes from the night before but they were already done! So back to the campground we went. She stopped over after work and had a nice little visit.

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