Phillip & Isabella-2012 Australia and Asia Adventure travel blog

Indonesian taxi cab

Traditional Sasak Village home

Poppy and Bella at Kuta Beach

Princess Bella chillin at the beach

Phillip and Bella at the beach

Phillip heading to the beach


Today we went to Lombok, Indonesia. It is a small island and the people work hard for very little money. Our first stop was to a village where women made pottery without any tools. We bought a "magic water pot" there. I will bring it to school to show you. We got on a horse carriage a rode to the pottery place. It's like a taxi cab for them. Next we went to a Sasak village. The make their houses out of cow poop mixed with mud. Next we went to the beach and swam in the Pacific Ocean. Bella collected some coconuts on the beach. She was very sad that she couldn't bring them back to the ship. The beach sand was different than ours. It was made of really small pebbles like bird seeds. I got a tiger bracelet there. On the way back we saw hundreds of people lined up in each village to find out who their new chiefs were (it was Election Day). We don't know who one. They know all about who our presidents are though for each election.

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