What Is Happening with Daisy 2012 travel blog

Today I seemed to be running everywhere I went. First, I stopped at the Victory Medical Center to have blood drawn. Because I had had to fast for that, I was feeling on the edge of light-headedness. The phlebotomist gave me two little packages of sandwich cookies to take the edge off.

Then I dashed off to my exercise class and bought an energy bar at the gym; I was a little late getting to class. I was afraid I might not be able to finish exercising if I didn’t eat something else. Nancy had gotten me a chair and exercise band but not the weights and ball. I didn’t take time to get the rest of my equipment; I just did the motions with my muscles as tight as I could make them.

After class I went to the Post Office, to the car wash across the street and then to Whataburger. I had time to eat my burger in the Victory Medical Center parking lot before time to have my bone scan done.

After one more stop, I headed home. Phew! I felt like I’d already done a day’s work by then.

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