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We chose to cruise on the Epic because we heard that it has wonderful entertainment. In that regard it did not disappoint. Doing some of the entertainment on board ship meant extra challenges for the performers, especially for the Cirque d’Soleil cast. The “real” Cirque shows have a three ring circus, a where-should-I-be-looking? aspect that was not possible here. But to watch a pair doing crazy spins and lifts on roller skates in a space the size of a table top while the ship was moving was impressive indeed. Watching acrobats on a trapeze inches away from the table where you are served dinner was also a fun experience.

The Legends performance took place in the theater and featured performers who looked and acted like Jimmy Buffet of Margaritaville fame, Donna Summer of the many disco hits and a Michael Jackson imitator. The show was hosted by a Whoopi Goldberg and the performers used their own voices to recreate the music and dance that brought them to fame. Michael Jackson was especially impressive. Doing his intricate, athletic dances and singing at the same time reminded us why he was the Prince of Rock.

The Second City troupe brought the same routines and improv we have loved over the years as regulars at this comedy club. They also performed a Murder Mystery lunch that relied on audience suggestions to move the murder plot along. Lots of laughs.

These headliner acts were top notch and some of the other performers that did not require a reservation were great, too. The comedian/magician had us laughing so hard, my sides ached by the end of the evening.

While blues is not our favorite music style at home, we found ourselves dropping in to the blues club whenever time allowed. This band felt totally authentic and their musical skills and ability to improvise with each other was awesome. Every so often another ship’s musician would sit in and their interaction with us and each other was energizing.

We feel less positive about other aspects of the Epic. The swimming pools were small and so full of modern art there was no place to swim. The water slides looked fun, but I’m afraid we did not give them a try. While the food was good in the two complimentary restaurants, their menu was limited and we felt like it was a marketing ploy to get us to pay the extra fee for the other restaurants. We did pay extra for the Brazilian Chirascuria restaurant which seemed worth the tariff to the enthusiastic meat eaters in our group. The cabin was small and poorly designed, allocating too much space to the bathroom facilities. No matter how hard we tried, we were always in each other’s way. The casino took up in inordinate amount of room and dominated the interior of the ship on three decks. It was always busy though, so other passengers seemed to love it.

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