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on the floating islands of the Uros

on the floating islands of the Uros

Uros boats man

sunset on Amantani island with Fabio, Jennifer & Charles

dancing in traditional costumes

Simon's family

young men in traditional Taquile costumes

girls in traditional Taquile costumes

on Taquile island

the boat left around 8:30 to the floating islands of the Uros people, Lake Titicaca's top tourist attraction (their popularity has led to shocking over-commercialization, but there is still nothing quite like them to be found anywhere else. More authentic reed islands still exist, these are located further from Puno, the islanders here continue to live in a relatively traditional fashion and prefer not to be visited!) An almost 4 hours boatride brought us to the island of Amantani, where the islanders came to the port to welcome us. I stayed with Fabio and Jennifer&Charles at Simon's house (our boat man). We were served a traditional lunch in the smoky kitchen before hiking up the hill to ruins to see the sunset. After dinner with the family we were dressed in costumes for the dance party which we enjoyed very much.

Next morning we left at 8 am for the nearby island of Taquile. The 28th of July is Peru's Independent Day, the islanders gathered at the Plaza de Armas for the Celebration at 11 am and we could watch while having lunch.

At 5 pm we returned to Puno, I checked-in to Helena Inn and had dinner with my friends Jennifer & Charles.

Next day I relaxed in Puno, updated this online journal and bought my ticket for next morning to Copacabana in Bolivia.

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