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View of downtown from our back door


Our little "patio"



Breezy makes friends everywhere we go.

The La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

Inside the bathhouse

A relaxing atmosphere

One of the cozy cabins/rooms. Hard to believe this was ordered from...


"Bath room"... your own private spot in the spring, with tables to...

Soaking Cindy

A store owner finds good use for those old cassette tapes... curtains.

Artistic housing in T or C. (Notice the neighbor's "roadrunner" carport gate.)

Contemporary "railroad tie" design? Interesting.

Very southwestern... loved the gate to the driveway at right!


A very well-constructed unit: heavy duty housing is cool to the touch,...

An inexpensive massaging showerhead, that works at lower water pressure ranges. We...

The countryside is dotted with towns that don’t look like much on the surface, but have interesting back stories upon further study. Truth or Consequences, NM is such a town. Half the town is more contemporary, with a Main street lined with familiar names: McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut, etc… but drive further, and another town exists. Originally named Hot Springs, the town got its start in 1910 when the first homestead was filed, but people have come here for the natural hot springs since before Spanish settlers showed up in 1598. Upon completion of the construction of Elephant Butte Dam in 1916, several buildings and houses were moved to this location, and the town was built around the hot artesian waters bubbling out of the ground near the shores of the Rio Grande River. (They knew a good thing when they saw it!)

Other families moved here, and built bathhouses… many from the 1920’s still stand and operate today. The La Paloma Hot Springs and Spa is one such place, and its rental cabins are the originals ordered directly from the Sears Roebuck catalogue back in the 20’s. In 1949, Ralph Edwards, the host of the nation's most popular TV show at the time: “Truth or Consequences”, announced that in celebration of the show’s 10th anniversary they were seeking a town to change its name to that of the show. Hot Springs won the honor. Edwards, an advocate and fundraiser for the American Heart Assn. & March of Dimes, contracted to show up at T or C’s first annual “fiesta” … but so loved the town, he returned for the next 49 years in a row!

T or C is a mixture of old and new, with older homes and businesses mixed with colorful and creative storefronts and haciendas. The atmosphere is laid-back, the pace of life here is slow, and there’s a lot of artistry and creativity evident in the many shops on Broadway… as well as the unique styling of some of the nicer homes and buildings. Its best features are its many spas and bathhouses, ranging from the historical to upscale. La Paloma for example charges $4 a person for a 30min soak in its artesian springs… while the more modern Sierra Grande Resort & Spa asks $25 for the first person and $5 each additional person, for the same 30 minute soak. (The only added benefit seems to be larger rooms, and more decor. Lot's of clothing stores, antiques, and art on Broadway. Ghost towns, wildlife refuges, and parks are a short drive away.

Our RV site sits atop a hill, with a nice view of downtown, and the mountains beyond. There’s an Alco (a smaller version of Wal-Mart) at the bottom of the hill, a grocery store about a quarter mile away, and the La Paloma Spa is a 10 minute walk from here. Needless to say, at $210 for the month… we’re happy! Nights are a chilly 30-40 degrees, while days are clear and 65 degrees avg. We recently started using an oscillating, electric, ceramic heater since it saves our propane and does a better job of circulating hot air throughout the camper. It’s thermostatically controlled, so it doesn’t run constantly… two issues addressed with a single purchase. We also found a nice showerhead at Camping world with much better pressure, "pause" control, and spray pattern options than our stock one had… for only $15! (Our version of “renovating” the bathroom, lol!)

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