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Donnie, Glenda, Margaret, Dan, Martha, Linda, Larry, Randy, Trish, Jan, John

Larry, Randy, Trish, Jan, John, Wes, Donnie, Glenda, Margaret, Dan, Martha

Christmas Tree

Today I cooked my first meal in my newly-cleaned electric skillet. It worked very well.

This afternoon I had an appointment with my doctor to have a suspicious mole on my shoulder checked. He said that he is 98 percent sure that it is not malignant. He froze it with liquid nitrogen. He also talked to me about my cholesterol; he was not happy that I stopped taking the statin drug. He also told me to get another bone density test. The last one I had was in July 2011. I've been taking extra calcium, vitamin D and niacin since then. He wants to compare the results of the two tests.

Tonight I had an early Christmas dinner at the home of Larry and Linda Seelke with my church community group. We had a wonderful meal of roasted turkey breast, broccoli casserole, cranberry salad, baked winter squash, Italian vegetables, almond flour bread and blueberry dessert. I took sparkling grape juice (white and red).

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