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We are left with the impression that if all the cruise ships left southern Florida, the bottom of the state would be empty. As we took the shuttle from Fort Lauderdale, we passed Port Everglades where eight huge ships were berthed. When we arrived in Miami to board the Epic it was one of four equally large cruise ships berthed here. We were told that Port Everglades is the largest cruise port in the world. Construction signs indicated that Miami is working hard to give its sister city some serious competition.

The internet has made this sort of travel so easy, We boarded using a minimal ticket that we had printed ourselves and the agent quickly verified the passport info and other factual data we had entered at home. Onboard we turned on the cabin TV and saw the reservations we had made for dinners, shows, and shore excursions we plan to enjoy this week. We booked the shuttle we took here online and shopped for the cheapest rental car we drove in Ft. Lauderdale which was just large enough for the four of us and all the luggage.

Check-in went smoothly with a minimum of lines and before long we joined our fellow passengers who were sipping pina coladas, dancing Gangnam style, and tubing down the enormous water slides.

The setting of the port of Miami is breathtaking on a bright, sunny day. It is surrounded by causeways linking tiny islands together. Many of them anchor breathtaking mansions and tony looking high rise condos. Boats of varying sizes were docked along the shore line. Perhaps the residents enjoy watching us sail away as much as we enjoy ogling their homes.

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