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It's getting chillier now with periodic downpours. We are so far resisting the urge, unlike most backpackers, to run out out and buy silly hats with pom poms and plaits. To be honest I'm only just wearing a jumper but andy seems to be feeling the Cold more as he digs out every technical fibre he owns. He is looking more and more like Brian blessed every day. With these new weather conditions and lots of walking the one thing we look forward to are a good nights sleep and a hot shower. Neither of which are readily available in copacabana. After one night in a jail cell and the next in Bolivians answer to infernos. ( no amount of ATD shouting in his pants would get them to cease)means I'll happily sleep on a llama.

The Isla da sol Was a highlight. Stunning walking across the barren ridges from

End to end watching The locals farm the terraces below and hopping over alpaca poo. At 4000m you could really

Feel it on the steep climbs and I was put to shame by many a nimble 90yr old in 12 skirts and sandals made of tires nimbly skipping up the old inca staircase carrying her entire family

It's 2hrs there and back by boat but andy reckons if they had a boat with more grunt than a hand held fan it'd take 30 minutes. Strong sun, steep climbs, High altitude and long boat rides makes thirsty travellers. Bolivian beer is not bad and safer than drinking the water so we're brushing our teeth in it.

Big dog breakdown

Copacabana: ah Bolivia, land of inflatable toilet seats, bog roll less toilets, women in funny hats and all night partying locals. Come back Peru all is forgiven.Worth it all for the Isla da sol

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