the entrance gate for the FAMCAMP

our setup on the lake.

the view out our back window

the lake is "Y" shaped.

Rebecca gestures to a fish leaping

mixed conifer forest with mixed hardwoods around us.

paved roads and paved spots are nice to have for a change.

l to r, Rebecca, David, Sarah (girlfriend)

Dave the big kiss for his promotion to Major

l to r, Dave, David, Rebecca

David the new Major

As planned we moved today to Leitner Lake on Fort Gordon, near Augusta. It was only a 35 mile drive. We were lucky to get a wonderful spot backing up to the lake. We've never been at this campground, but are glad to get one of the two empty spots.

After setting up, Dave is quick to get busy putting the Porta-Bote together for our fishing and sightseeing trips on the lake.

Note, later the next day, Dave caught two very nice largemouth bass right out from the site. The lake has large mouth bass, bream, crappie, catfish and pike.

Our son David is in the Army and gets promoted to Major this week. It was quite the occasion. We enjoyed seeing the spotlight his commander put on him and made us proud to hear all the accolades. He's worked hard for this and has a terrific work ethic.

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